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Hand Piering Piling
Foundation Piers Service in Sydney
Eastside Piling has decades of experience in hand piling. We specialise in hand drilling piles of various sizes that range from 250mm to 600 mm which is up to 12 meters deep. Our experience and expertise help us when installing contiguous pile walls, timber shoring walls, and individual piles even in the places that are difficult to access and where we can’t use machines. We are hand piling specialists and we can install piles without vibration or risking the surrounding structures or buildings.

Services We Offer

We specialise in installing hand augered piers in sandy areas. We also install capping beams, individual piles, shotcrete, contiguous piling walls, underpinning, timber shoring walls and excavations, etc. You can get a full package from us to that all your groundwork is done properly. We install pipes of varying diameters ranging from 250 mm to 600 mm and up to 12 meters deep. We also offer the installation of various contiguous piles for retaining walls, deep basement construction and underground garage. We are capable of pining piers into the rocks as per engineering specifications. Furthermore, we promise to complete all the hand piering jobs on time.


The minimum thickness of piers should be 8” while hand piling. It can differ based on footing projection and other technical factors. You can get in touch with our technical team to know about exact specifications.

Hand piling involves the use of loads and vertical timber, steel and concrete. Whereas, hand piering involves the use of cylindrical columns to support and transfer. Hand piering ensures a strong base and robust foundation.

Several types of equipment are used for Hand Augered piers. Some of this equipment includes rotary systems, Hydraulic power and several drilling systems.

A pier foundation is a process of using several cylindrical columns to provide adequate support to the structure. The pier foundation stands some few above the ground and plays a major role in forming the base. Eastside Piling is one of the leading hand piling specialists. We are known for our attention to detail and optimum efficacy in our work.

Piles are posts like construction elements to build a strong foundation. Piling is one of the most vital processes; it involves several materials such as steel, wood and concrete slab to provide adequate support to the structure and form a sturdy base. 

Types of Piling We Do
Apart from hand piling, we also offer a wide range of services as well.

Contiguous Piling

We place the bored piles to create a strong retaining wall around the site to provide support for the structure.

Foundation Piers

We drill down to the rocks or bearings for stabilising or remedying the foundations or eliminate the settlements of the foundation.


We offer to add support to a structure, a building or a trench with shores when they are in the process of alterations or in a condition to collapse.


We also extend the depth and create support below the ground for an existing structure without damaging it.

Concrete Pumping

We transfer concrete with a line pump machine to the places where a regular concrete truck can’t reach


When you need to dig deeper, you can count on us to do that as well.

Give us a call to discuss your needs, we are happy to come to site and perform test holes if required. Call us at 0431 278 755

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