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Carving a Niche in Australia
for over 30 years

We pride ourselves on our work ethic that is easily achieved when everyone is family.

Carving a Niche in Australia
for over 30 years

We pride ourselves on our work ethic that is easily achieved when everyone is family.

Underpinning, Piling & Shoring Experts in Bondi

If you need piling experts in Bondi, you must contact Eastside Piling for the work. We offer the solution for all kinds of constructions for commercial, residential, civil, industrial and all kinds of projects. We have completed various projects including sheet piling, driven piles, rail infrastructure, bridge foundation and construction, bored piers, marine piling, and construction, etc.

We take pride in safety we maintain, and we try to keep a zero-harm approach all the time. We deal with a range of work and we do it with decades of experience. Apart from providing Bondi projects with piling, we also perform underpinning in Bondi.

We Deliver

We can promise guaranteed results and we install all kinds of piles. Our years of experience have made us hand piling experts in Bondi, and we are also good with machine piling. We offer a friendly and reliable service, and we are extremely good at what we do. We specialise in installing piles in the sandy areas.

We can install all types of piles for constructing a deep basement, underground garage or retaining walls. Also, we will create a strong foundation for your house without any vibration or drilling that machines often causes while piling.

Where We Have Delivered

Apart from Bondi piling jobs we have worked with the many commercial and residential properties all over Australia. We have worked in North Shore, Cronulla, Alexandria, Northern Beaches, Paddington, Clovelly, and many other places. We are known for our work in the areas where structures are built upon sand. We don’t use machines for sandy areas since it is incredibly hard to work sands with machines. Also, it is awfully expensive to work on sands with machines because sand is unstable in nature. Also, machines can cause cave-ins that can not only add extra days of extra work but could also be hazardous.

Contiguous Piling

Contiguous Piling is most commonly used as a retaining wall all around the perimeter of a new structure or site. Contiguous piles are a series of closely aligned piles that help form a retaining wall....


Underpining extends the depth and creates support below the ground for an existing structure without damaging it. Underpinning is usually needed when the original foundation is unable to support the structure or building or when the use of the structure has changed...

Foundation Piers

Piering (foundation piers) is a form of reinforcing a building that may be suffering subsidence or settlement due to instability in the soil substrate. A pier foundation is the process of using cylindrical columns to provide adequate support to the structure...

Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping transfers concrete with a line pump machine to the places where a regular concrete truck can’t reach. Eastside Piling is experienced at concrete pumping which is an efficient, reliable method of placing concrete accurately...


Shoring provides support for trench faces and is used to prevent movement of soil, underground utilities and foundations. The shoring process helps temporarily support a building in the process of alterations and may be vertical, angled or horizontal...


When you need to dig a little bit deeper! This is done via excavation. Excavation is the process of shifting earth, rock and other materials or obstacles that need removal before construction can begin. Eastside Piling is qualified in making sure you get the best excavator on-site...

Give us a call to discuss your needs, we are happy to come to site and perform test holes if required. Call us at 0431 278 755

Markets We Serve
Eastside has experience in nearly all markets throughout the construction industry and understands the unique challenges and requirements associated with each one.

Fernando Barros

I have been the principle of this structural engineering firm for over 20 years now. Many of our design projects have included underpinning, piering and shoring works. Throughout the years we have encountered Robert and the boys from Eastside Piling carrying out these works on many of these projects. I have always found them to be competent and responsible. I would have no hesitation (and often do) recommending Eastside Piling for the above works.

Fernando Barros
F&L Building Consultants Pty Ltd

Ross Georges

I have employed the services of Eastside Piling on several of our building projects. I have found them to be competent in piering, shoring, dewatering and all other works associated with their trade. They pre-plan well in advance and have adequate equipment to carry out the activity at hand. They work in a safe manner and fully respect the dangers that come with this type of work. I personally highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them in the near future.

Ross Georges
Kingport Pty Ltd

Andrew Simpson

We have acted as structural engineers on a number of projects in which Eastside Piling have carried out piering, shoring and underpinning works. Robert Smyth was responsible for overseeing the work carried out by Eastside Piling, and we found that he was extremely competent with a good understanding of the building process and the works that he was involved with.

Andrew Simpson
Simpson Design Associates

Arslan Dursun

I have used the services from Eastside Piling and have found the company to be professional, reliable and very competent in this type of work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Eastside Piling.

Arslan Dursun
Softstone Construction

Mark Walker

We have completed various civil projects together in recent years requiring the construction of contiguous pier walls including the capping/tie beams, and the supply and installation of temporary and permanent anchors and structural steel bracing. Eastside Piling have always proven to be a reliable and competent civil contractor.

Mark Walker
MacDonald Contracting Australia Pty Ltd
Our Clients