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Does Eastside Piling work in my area?
Our head office is located in Kingsford. We service all areas of Sydney including Eastern Suburbs, Sydney City, Inner West, Lower North Shore and Southern Sydney.
What days do you work?
Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.
Our on-site hours are Monday – Friday, 7 am – 4 pm
How much will my project cost?
The cost of your project will depend on a number of several factors, including location, access to the site, the size and scope, types of services you require and other factors like traffic and safety. Once we talk to you about the project and complete a free site inspection, we will provide a quote for our project.
Do you charge for a quote and/or site inspection?
We offer a free site inspection for every client, regardless of how large or small the project may be. There is no obligation to proceed with the quote we provide, so you are free to compare our rates with other companies and choose the best option for your needs. Contact us if you have any questions about a quote you have received or would like to book a free site inspection.
Do you do residential or commercial work?
Eastside Piling does BOTH residential and commercial work.
How long will it take to complete my project?
We can provide you with an estimated timeframe based on our assessment of the property. We will need to consider the area of the premises, the engineer’s plans and the floor plans. On average projects can take between 4-10 days. Any delays such as bad weather or unexpected rock can extend the timeframe for completion.
Do I need insurance?
We maintain premium levels of insurance for our equipment and staff. Our team is extremely careful while on-site and aim to leave it clean and tidy when they leave. If an accident does occur, we guarantee that we will repair any damage to your home or property caused by our work. We also have workplace health and safety policies in place, as well as a detailed pre-work checklist to make sure everyone stays safe while on site.
What permits and approvals do I need?
It is important to make sure you have all relevant permits and approvals before starting your project, otherwise, council fines and penalties may apply. We can help you determine which permits and approvals may be required and what other regulations you need to consider. Your local council will also have information on how to seek approvals for your project.
Can you recommend an engineer?
Before Eastside Piling commences any new project you will need a structural engineer to assist you with the design. We can recommend expert engineers if you need us to as Eastside Piling work closely with the engineers on every project.
What is your cancellation policy?
You are able to can cancel our services with no charge 7 days prior to before the start date. If you cancel within 7 days of the project start date you will incur a 25% fee of the total cost. Please note that this 25% fee is to cover materials, which we would have already purchased.
What happens in wet weather?
If it is more than a light drizzle, any outdoor work will need to be stopped until the conditions have eased. However, any indoor project Eastside Piling have, will go ahead as planned.
Do you charge extra on Sundays, Public Holidays and for night work?
Eastside Piling does not usually work on Sundays, Public Holidays or at night. However certain jobs do require this and YES, we do charge a service fee for these days.
What are your payment terms?
10% deposit required before commencement
30% progress payment upon 50% work completion
Balance upon completion is due 7 days after the finish date
What is the difference between hand-augered piers and machine piers?
Hand-augered piers are done by hand in smaller areas that machines cannot get to. Machines also create vibrations when drilling, which can affect your neighbour’s property. Machines piers are for larger, commercial projects.
What do piling contractors do?
Eastside Piling is piling contractor experts. We take care of everything around building a strong base for construction. Eastside Piling is the piling expert in Sydney. Not only do we ensure that all our piling work is done meticulously and accurately, but we also take care of all the coordination and labour work involved as well.
Why is piling needed?
Piling is one of the most crucial steps in construction and renovations. It is important to build a strong base to ensure stability and longevity in any project Eastside Piling does. Eastside Piling is one of the best residential piling contractors in Sydney.