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Shoring Services
Shoring Service in Sydney
Shoring provides support for trench faces and is used to prevent movement of soil, underground utilities and foundations. The shoring process helps temporarily support a building in the process of alterations and may be vertical, angled or horizontal. Shoring is usually done during the repair or building of a project. Eastside Piling is one of the leading providers of shoring services in Sydney. Shoring is done with UC150’s, also known as i-beams. Eastside Piling uses H4 sleepers or concrete sleepers in between the i-beams. Shoring is one of the most important processes and must be done to limit the chances of accidents and mishaps at the site. Eastside Piling provides an array of services related to shoring in Sydney.
Other Services

Contiguous Piling

Contiguous Piling is most commonly used as a retaining wall all around the perimeter of a new structure or site. Contiguous piles are a series of closely aligned piles that help form a retaining wall....


Underpining extends the depth and creates support below the ground for an existing structure without damaging it. Underpinning is usually needed when the original foundation is unable to support the structure or building or when the use of the structure has changed...

Foundation Piers

Piering (foundation piers) is a form of reinforcing a building that may be suffering subsidence or settlement due to instability in the soil substrate. A pier foundation is the process of using cylindrical columns to provide adequate support to the structure...

Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping transfers concrete with a line pump machine to the places where a regular concrete truck can’t reach. Eastside Piling is experienced at concrete pumping which is an efficient, reliable method of placing concrete accurately...


When you need to dig a little bit deeper! This is done via excavation. Excavation is the process of shifting earth, rock and other materials or obstacles that need removal before construction can begin. Eastside Piling is qualified in making sure you get the best excavator on-site...

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