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Hand Piering

Hand Piering Services In Sydney

To make the establishment of any building stronger, there needs to be reinforcement beneath the ground to retain the walls and strengthen them for extended durations. There are various processes for such reinforcements beneath the ground by specialists such as Eastside Piling. Hand Piling and Hand Piering are two terms that mean the same thing. Both of these terms are used in the building industry however, they are the same service. Having an impressive 30-year experience, we have excelled in this service and much more. These are diverse services that we offer but first, you should know what Hand Piering.

Hand Piering and Hand Piling

  • Cylindrical columns are used to support and transfer the loads in hand augured piers and the loads in hand augured piers are transferred through vertical concrete or timber.
  • The depth in hand piering can be shallow or deep. We can drill by hand up from 1m up to 8m.
  • In the hand piering, the load is transferred through the bearing however, the load can also be transferred through friction.
  • Hand piering is used in situations where the ground is sand. Hand piering is unable to be done in harder materials like clay and rock.

As mentioned above these terms have the exact same meaning and their purpose is the same. Both work towards the same goal of reinforcing your building. And us? We just do the best job possible. If experience holds any evidence, we have put three decades into this work, resulting in us knowing all the ins and outs of the business. We will not just do the work but also provide you with all the details and assistance in the process. You will be notified throughout the time period about the stages and steps of hand piering so you do not have to worry about it.

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